Thursday, January 28, 2010

from student to teacher...student-teacher!

January is almost over! I pretty much missed it hiding behind papers, book reviews, philosophy statements, article abstracts and other teacherly training assignments.

Goodbye January student, Hello February Teacher! I start student teaching in a 5th grade classroom on Monday! I am so excited, nervous, but I say bring it.

One of the biggest realizations that I have come to in preparing for student teaching is my incredibly pitiful teacher clothes wardrobe! Another challenge to throw in, my pants are starting to get uncomfortably tight (making room for baby!) so my wardrobe is cut back significantly more...

A good teacher outfit is really an equation to put together: comfort+modest+flexible+bargain+cute+(maternity)
This art teacher from MA has the equation figured out! (-maternity)

In my struggle to find weeks worthe of outfits that fit into the equation I look to one of the cutest dressing teachers around: Jen from JenlovesKev, I aspire for my teacher wardrobe to be as cute and fun as hers one day...just take a look!

Until next time,
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