Tuesday, March 30, 2010

happy Tuesday

Hot Tuesday - I am so so excited! It was over 90 degree's here today, I am loving it now...who knows if that sensation will last when we have those days and much hotter back to back for months in a row.

To make my life even better Jer's doing the dishes tonight! Warm weather and a great husband...it really is a happy Tuesday!


Until next time,

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Papaya Baby

I have gained a total of 12lbs! Exciting news for our household! The most current fruit sizing of baby is based on a time frame of 4 weeks now, so from 21-24 weeks she is about the size of a papaya! How fun!

I am nearing my 25th week of pregnancy and can hardly believe it. Wowza time is flying by. Those little ones sure do ripen fast. Seems like just yesterday she was just a small little blueberry, a blob of color on the screen, a still hard to believe fact of how blessed we are. But now! She is a rambunxious little papaya jumping around all over the place in there!
Interesting to know, our little papaya's sleep cycle is starting to form - snoozing 12-14 hours a day. A little unsettling for me and the husband: She is most active in the evenings...just as we are settling into bed she is more active than any other time of day. We wonder what this will mean for her (and us!) outside of the womb...

Until next time,

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Caution Hot

I have just recently started making homemade salsa. I love spicy salsa, and especially homemade, so the last few attempts I have been trying hard to get the recipe perfected to my tastes.

The first time I made it I was just excited that I actually did it, but the taste wasn't there for me - It was OK, but not nearly spicy enough. The next time I left in all of the jalapeno seeds and thought that would do the trick for spicing it up...still not hot enough.

Last night I made a batch that I was planning on taking with us for our potluck meal today at church. I was determined that I could make it spicy enough to satisfy my taste, soooo I threw in 3 habanero peppers. I chose to do 3 because they were 3/$1. I thought for a second about leaving out the seeds but they were just so little I thought it couldn't possibly make that big of a difference.

Needless to say I got all the spice I was looking for. I had to combine the spicy batch with a whole other batch of salsa to make it bearable enough to eat. We didn't take it for potluck today...we were a little nervous that we might possibly send someone into spice convulsions.

Lesson learned: the little guys pack a punch. Interesting to know they pack a punch of about 300,000 scoville units compared to jalapenos who only have 4,000 scoville units (a unit for measuring the hotness of a pepper)

We are now happily enjoying all of the spicy salsa to ourselves!

Until next time

(Image found here)

Friday, March 19, 2010

back to life...back to laundry

It has been a wonderful spring break thus far! I am so thankful for the break and I think it might just have been enough of a break to provide the endurance needed to push through the rest of the semester.

Here are some of my spring break highlights!

trip to Gainesville
sleeping in
making breakfast with Jeremy
trip to the zoo
out to dinner with the G-ma
sleeping in
making dinner for G-ma
Lord of the Dance!
trip to a different zoo
Red Robin!
finding jalapeno jelly
the Bonzai

There were a million things that made this spring break such a delight, those were just a few of my standouts. We are back home now though, and back to trying to accomplish an endless amount of laundry.

Please hurry summer!

Until next time,

Friday, March 12, 2010

my spring break anthem

Today was my last day in 5th grade. It was indeed bittersweet. I had such a wonderful experience with the little guys...but needless to say, hooray for springbreak!

This song has become my springbreak anthem - we just got the OK Go cd this week, and this particular song has been playing through my mind as I imagined my victory walk out the doors of the school on Friday afternoon.

OK Go - This Too Shall Pass from OK Go on Vimeo.

Cheers for spring break!

Until next time,

ps. just another reason its so cool - OK Go filmed this live along with the Notre Dame marching band. They are so cool.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

quick note

Just got my PPR scores back and I PASSED!

Both certification tests have been successfully taken and passed...now just to graduate!

Feel free to celebrate on my behalf. This guy is.

(Found here)

Until next time,

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Life in a flash.

Life has been busy. Aside from school, work, and sleep here is the condensed version of what we have been up to:

Purchased and moved in baby furniture!
Made it to 22 weeks of pregnancy both me and baby (1.1 lbs!) healthy
Made some homemade salsa (Yum)
Re-arranged bedroom furniture
Had some quality Wii time with the husband
Took the dogs for a walk
Cleaned out left overs from the fridge (Ew)
Tried cooking a new recipe - disappointing
Took my Pedagogy and Professional responsibilities (PPR) certification test
Got the car windows tinted
Had my first teaching observation - A+

3 days until spring break! Counting Down.

Until next time,

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Banana Baby

Among all the business this week we had a Doctors appointment! Everything checked out positive...including my weight which is finally moving up! Gained 5 pounds and stoked about it! and our little girl is healthy and growing!

One of my favorite things throughout the baby bliss has been to watch how fast she really is growing, and anyone knows the best way to do that is by comparing her to a piece of fruit.

At 21 weeks our baby is the size of a banana!

(Image and Info from here)

Also interesting to know she is developing taste buds. Seems our little girl is a spicy banana, can't get enough of the jalapenos, spicy salsa, and hot wings. Yumm...

Until next time,

Monday, March 1, 2010

Another absence from blogging. Last Sunday I got the unfortunate phone call that my Grandpa had passed away. Jeremy and I spent most of the week in Gainesville TX with the family for the funeral and memorial services.

No death is easy, but this was particularly difficult for me. My Grandpa holds a very special place in my heart. Grandpa was my biggest supporter, protector, and buddy. For me he would pull the world on a string. He built me my very own playhouse and even a Flintstones car. We spent many tractor rides together, and I always helped him mow the lawn with my own bubble making lawn mower.

Grandpa's birthday was on April 1st, which was suiting for him being such a kidder. When I was little he had a birthday party and all sorts of his friends came over. Instead of him visiting with the company he hung out with me the whole time...I only had one April fools joke: "Grandpa! There's ants in your hair!" he laughed and played along every single time I told him that same joke.

When I started college we made a trip out there and in the process got a warning from the GPD for a broken license plate light. The next morning he tried to go to the police station to take care of the ticket he thought I had gotten...he figured out eventually there was no charge, but left the warning to display on their fridge for everyone to see.

One of the most special things Grandpa and I shared was our trips to the donut shop. We did this forever until we couldn't anymore. I was in my booster seat the farthest back I can remember going. He would get a donut and a cup of coffee, I would have donut holes and OJ, and we both would have fun.

So many moments, lessons, and laughs shared with him.
The memories are endless.
I'll love him forever.

Until next time,