Sunday, March 21, 2010

Caution Hot

I have just recently started making homemade salsa. I love spicy salsa, and especially homemade, so the last few attempts I have been trying hard to get the recipe perfected to my tastes.

The first time I made it I was just excited that I actually did it, but the taste wasn't there for me - It was OK, but not nearly spicy enough. The next time I left in all of the jalapeno seeds and thought that would do the trick for spicing it up...still not hot enough.

Last night I made a batch that I was planning on taking with us for our potluck meal today at church. I was determined that I could make it spicy enough to satisfy my taste, soooo I threw in 3 habanero peppers. I chose to do 3 because they were 3/$1. I thought for a second about leaving out the seeds but they were just so little I thought it couldn't possibly make that big of a difference.

Needless to say I got all the spice I was looking for. I had to combine the spicy batch with a whole other batch of salsa to make it bearable enough to eat. We didn't take it for potluck today...we were a little nervous that we might possibly send someone into spice convulsions.

Lesson learned: the little guys pack a punch. Interesting to know they pack a punch of about 300,000 scoville units compared to jalapenos who only have 4,000 scoville units (a unit for measuring the hotness of a pepper)

We are now happily enjoying all of the spicy salsa to ourselves!

Until next time

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