Friday, November 21, 2014

this week

playing with: Our front yard is covered in big crunchy leaves so we've been running in them, throwing them and even bringing armfuls into the house to crunch into millions of pieces all over my floor...(That last one was not mom approved.)

listening to: Trying to hold out on Christmas music for as long as possible! My fingers are dying to click on that Christmas Pandora station!

reading: still working my way through my book. I am adding books to the kids' Christmas list, I could make that there whole list and still not get all the books we want! Those kids love to read. Happy mamma!

eating: We've had the joy of having friends over for dinner this last week. I've missed it so much! Towards the end of my pregnancy and the first couple months with Layton, hosting is not something I like to add to my plate... but I LOVE it. So I am so glad to be up to having people over to share meals with us again.

ups: Family time! November has been a great month for time with family. We love our families and are so thankful to have them near and get to spend time together. We also have had time to play and relax with just the 5 of us.

downs: sick and doctors. I feel like we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on the cruddy yuckies going around. Fall is awesome, but the sick that gets shared around, no thank you. And along those same lines: doctors offices, pharmacies, and insurance hassles. I'll take being sick over calling the insurance company or walking into a pharmacy for a prescription.

funnies: Jackson has started doing the cutest thing with Jeremy and I. If Jeremy and I are hugging or standing close to one another he will run up to us, wrap one arm around each of our legs in a giant hug and say "I love you cuties!" haha! Its the funniest, cutest, most heart melting thing ever and I have no idea where he came up with it. Oh that boy makes us laugh!

A couple weeks ago Jeremy, Layton and I made a day trip to the Guadalupe Mountains to see the beautiful fall colors. It was amazing. We did an easy 7 mile hike enjoying God's amazing creation. It was the perfect way for us to rejuvenate. Of course pictures can never do scenery justice, but here are some from our trip...

until next time,

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

halloween 2014

What a crazy week it was! Monday night we went to the Fall Festival at the school. I forgot all about it, and my plan to have costumes ready by Wednesday was bumped to having them ready by that night! We got what we needed in town and made it home 2 hours before the Festival giving me enough time to get their costumes put together and make a big mess of the house.

Rylee had a hard time deciding what she wanted to be this year, everything from a chef to captain hook, we settled for a pirate, and she was the cutest little pirate. Jackson was very clear that he was not going to dress up for Halloween... and we just allowed him to keep thinking that he was not dressed up, haha! It was so funny when someone would ask him what he was for halloween, or say I like your costume, his response was "I not dressed up!" or "I'm Jackson".

On Wednesday night we had our Trunk-or-Treat. The best turn out we've ever had! Again another hurried day trying to get our trunk ready, kids ready, and all the other details that go into planning and organizing those fun events. It was all worth the effort. We had a great time, made a great impact, and got a lot of candy!

Thursday Rylee had her school party, she got to wear her costume all day and then go trick-or-treating AGAIN after they had a small parade of costumes! so cute! and more candy to bring home!

Finally on Friday we went to 2 different trunk-or-treats. We finished at one pretty early so we decided to hop over to another we'd been to before. Both were so much fun and the kids were full steam the entire time. Jackson actually kept his hat on for a lot of the night (the no candy threat works...ha.)

It was a busy whirlwind week. Now we have bags and bags of candy we don't know what to do with (That's a lie. Obviously we are eating it!)

As the kids get older it is a whole new level of fun doing all these festive things with them! I just love it! I love getting to dress up for Halloween, and now with kids, I feel like I have a more acceptable reason to as an adult!

 Daniel and his lion (Bear)

There are some super creative people in this community! All the trunks were spectacular. 

 Costumes this year weren't coordinated... we have a construction worker, Daniel, a pirate, Rosie the Riveter, and little Clark Kent (who ditched his work shirt and tie earlier in the evening) and Bear the Lion.
 Ready for round 2.

Christmas will be here in a blink! I just love this time of year!

until next time,

this week

Well I would LOVE to start these again! You know me though, it will probably succumb to a quarterly posting of "our week"... who cares, my blog, my rules, here we go!

playing with: duplo blocks, jenga blocks, wooden blocks, you get the picture. The big kids love building and creating everything with blocks! and this teacher mama loves seeing my babies creating with open ended play!

listening to: we just bought an imagine dragons album and we've had that on repeat around house for the last week.

reading: Jackson loves all his car books, he has his favorites memorized, his newest one Demolition he nearly knows by heart already. Rylee reads everything, but is very particular, when we ask her to pick out a book it takes her forever, but she knows exactly what she wants (or doesn't want really). I started One Thousand Gifts a couple weeks ago and get through about a page a day, maybe. If I sit still to long trying to read, I'm out. My list is long, so I am eager for time in the future when my eyes aren't quite so heavy and I am a bit more rested.

eating: horrible. ugh. our eating habbits have been so ugly the last few weeks. I think its a combination of the busy, the picky, and the no appetite. The kids are all over the place with eating, it creates such a challenge for meal planning and healthy eating. Time to make a plan and clean out the fridge!

ups: sleeping. Layton sleeps great through the night, from 7-7 he only wakes up twice to eat. The big kids are in a great grove for bedtime too, they are typically in bed by 7 and asleep by 7:30. Everything else can be a disaster, but a few hours of sleep in a row, bliss. for real. Sleep, I love you.

downs: daytime. Still searching for that sweet spot. I know it will be months before we finally find a happy grove, and then it will all change again, but its so tiring right now trying to tend to the big kids while nursing every 20 minutes and bouncing, burping, or bathing Layton. I feel massive amounts of guilt for hearing myself say "I can't right now I'm feeding Layton" or "Try to play quietly I'm putting Layton to sleep" Ry and Jackson have dealt great with this new transition, I am so very proud of them for their patience and eagerness to help. They are great big brother and sister. I am trying to live joyfully in the messy and remember that though those moments can be soo very stressful, they will be soo very missed.

funnies: Some of the things Rylee and Jackson are saying are totally cracking us up lately... that's one of them! Jackson started saying "You crack me up!" at anything he thinks is funny, haha! Rylee has started repeating the phrase "Oh, sorry about that!" whenever she make the slightest offense, like bumping into you. SO. CUTE! The way her 4 year old self says such grown up words and phrases is hilariously cute. Another one is "To tell you the truth..." and Jackson uses "Well, actually" before everything.

The weeks seem to speed by faster and faster with each one. A few pictures below from our trip to the Monohans Sand Hills!

until next time,

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Layton Michael

It seems as if our boys are taking after my tendency to be a bit late. Rylee, like her daddy, was punctual and exactly on time. Jackson, like his awesome mom, decided to take his time and show up a week after his due date.

Layton was due August 29th, and that Friday came and went without any sign of him being ready to introduce himself. The weekend passed by with everyone watching over their shoulder for any sign of me giving a hint I thought the time was near. I didn't. 

We spent Monday in town doing our normal errand running and grocery grabbing. The next day was Rylee's first day of school, she was thrilled, and I was glad I didn't have to figure out how to take a newborn with me into a pre-school to drop her off for her first day. I was determined to drop her off for her first day!

Late Monday night as I was packing lunches and tidying the house before bed, I noticed my back was more uncomfortable than normal. I didn't think anything of it. 

Around 3 that morning I woke up with some really uncomfortable braxton hicks, I willed myself back to sleep but I knew what was coming. 

I woke up again around 5 with things becoming more painful than just uncomfortable. I was very aware that today was the day we would be meeting our baby, but I decided to try to rest and sleep for as long as I could, knowing that things don't typically move along too fast for me, and I wanted to be rested and ready for the workout ahead. 

At 6 I could no longer sleep through the pain. That was fine though, I needed to get up to prepare Rylee's first day of school breakfast! I was absolutely determined that I would be walking Rylee into school that morning... and once I kissed her goodbye then we could just stop at the midwife have this baby and be on our way home. (HA!)

As I was getting all of the first day of school things squared away I was having to stop for each contraction that was getting stronger and stronger. I then decided to wake up Jeremy and let him know what was going on. 

With the contractions getting stronger I decided to take a bath before we left for the midwife. It didn't take long for things to get totally serious. Jeremy came in ready to leave for the midwife, and I was convinced we should just stay home and have the baby, there was no way I was getting in the car for a 30 minute drive...

Jeremy wasn't crazy about the idea of a last minute home birth and definitely not a car birth so he gently encouraged me to get out get dressed and get to town. We eventually did make it to the car, though without my shoes.

We made it to the midwife around 9:30, I was dilated to a 7-8 (Hallelujah!) I spent a little bit of time in the tub and then decided to get onto the bed. Just before I was ready to push Jeremy got a text message saying Rylee had made it to school just fine and was thrilled to be there.... (Definitely no way I was going to walk her in for her first day!)

Having done this before I felt I had so much more control over what I was doing. And after several minutes of pushing, at 10:16 we had our baby, our baby BOY! our BIG baby boy. After holding him and nursing him for those first precious moments we weighed him, measured him and cleaned him up.

We knew he was big, but had no idea he was 9lb 8oz big! He was the our biggest baby, as well as the shortest, only 19.5 inches!

It was an overall great experience. We ate a little bit of lunch and then we were on our way home. We made it back just a few minutes before everyone else got home from getting Ry from school. It was so fun for Rylee, she still talks about going to school and coming home and having a new baby brother! Jackson wasn't too impressed at first, but he warmed up quickly and is now buddies with his little bro.

Our house is loud and messy and chaotic most of the time but we are so thankful for our sweet little Layton who has added so much more joy to our home!

hehe. those little T-Rex arms!  

moments after he was born 

oh this boy. my heart is overflowing. We love you Layton Michael.

until next time,