Friday, July 27, 2012


On Saturday we had Rylee's bithday party to celebrate her turning 2! We went with an art theme this year... Rylee is a budding artist. For sure.

Aunt Heather came up with the design for her invites and Rylee did the watercolor on it. So each person recieving an invite, also recieved an original "Rylee" !

Decorating for the party was a breeze because all of the decor also served a purpose - Paint, Create, and Decorate! We had a table designated for painting, one for coloring, and one for playing with clay.

Guests were also able to decorate their own cupcakes!

There was a face painting table set up so guests could have their face painted by the other artist in the family - dada.

All of the treats and goodies followed the color theme... as well as following the preference of the birthday girl. Candy.

Rylee decorated her cake, all by herself. An abstract piece of art. Delicous too. That was one of the biggest highlights of the whole day, as she sat at her little table and listened as eveyrone sing Happy Birthday to her. The expression on her face was priceless!

One of my favorite things from the party was Ry's "Guest Book" - rather than having people just sign a line in a blank book we picked out a fun new book for Ry for everyone to sign. Now she has another book to add to her collection that also has sweet messages from loved ones written inside.

We all had a great time at Ry's party, she was elated to have friends and family all there to celebrate her big day. So very hard to believe that our little girl is a 2 year old!

until next time,

Saturday, July 14, 2012

be still

Often times when Rylee is being particularly tooty, or (and) Jackson seems to cry nonstop unless you are moving in some strange choreographed rhythm I will joke by saying “I must have prayed for patience today…” because indeed I am being pushed to grow in that area. Though perhaps I am being tried in patience I think that there is something else that God is trying to say in those moments.

I know I am not the only mama out there that will agree, it seems like kids have this amazing sixth sense about knowing just when to present you with a challenge. Usually this happens when I am in the middle of doing the dishes, preparing bible class, paying bills, cooking supper, folding clothes and trying to make a break to the potty for only the second time that day. Yes, patience is a very desirable trait to attain at those moments. But I think, for me at least, God is saying “Be Still”. My world is closer to crumbling at those moments I get frustrated and continue to push to get my to-do list accomplished.
Instead, if I take a moment to sit with Rylee and color, play with babies, or read a story I am reminded that I am unbelievably blessed.  If I take the opportunity to sit in the recliner and just rock Jackson until he is asleep in my arms I am confronted with the fact that he is going to be the 2 year old in just the blink of an eye.
Perhaps we are given those stressful shirt tugging, baby crying moments to learn how to be more patient, but maybe, God is instead giving us those moments as a reminder to slow down, to step back, to “Be still”.
Be still and know that this sweet toddler is taking in all that you do.
Be still and know that it goes way too fast.
Be still and know that they are a blessing to enjoy.
Be still and know that we will look back and be sad that it’s over.
Be still and know the truly valuable things entrusted to us.
Be still and know to praise Him for these blessings.
Be still and know that we are not guaranteed a tomorrow.
Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10
For myself slowing down is probably a much larger challenge than seeking patience.  But rather than seeing those moments as a challenge, a trial, or a struggle, I think that they are given to us as a blessing. A blessing to take a moment to enjoy what we have, to take a minute to sit down… after all aren’t we so often asking for just a minute to sit down?! What a blessing!
Until next time,

Monday, July 9, 2012

new neighbors

All spring I have heard tiny little tweets coming from somewhere in our carport. This week we discovered that we have new neighbors!

There is a cute little family of five residing in a post in our carport! We have spent a lot of time outside and have seen the mama bird and papa bird fly in and out bringing in food for their three tiny little baby birds.

The mama bird is constantly in and out getting food for her babies, and those babies are constantly crying with their mouths wide open waiting for the next feeding (this situation very closely resembles what is taking place in our own house right now.)

It was so fun to point the birds out to Rylee and see her reaction. Once she sees them she'll tell you over and over again, "baby" "bird" "eat"

cool huh?!

until next time,