Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Our Halloween

The Monday before Halloween we went to the school to participate in One Great Day of Reading. Everyone dresses up like their favorite book character and classes have people come in and read stories to them all day! I skipped dressing up this year, but Rylee and Jackson didn't. Jackson went as Harold and the Purple crayon, Rylee went as a butterfly from The very Hungry Caterpillar (and I do not have a picture of her in her whole costume. Fail) 

Some of the kids at school actually thought Jackson's name was Harold because Rylee and I kept referring to him as Harold! I read the cutest book (I thought so... kids didn't really agree) It was called Ribbit, its about a pig trying to make friends. We took an actual pot belly pig with us into the school to let the kids see and pet.... They did think that was pretty cool!

For our Trunk-or-Treat on Wednesday I made Rylee and Jackson Mickey and Minnie costumes. Rylee loved hers, Jackson was less than thrilled... especially with his ears.

Rylee designated herself with the job of keeping Jackson's ears on all night at trunk-or-treat. 

In my attempt to get a picture of Jackson (ears on) and Rylee together I told them there was an airplane in the sky (mom lie) It totally distracted the wrong one, but at least he had his ears on.

Picture: Check.

We had an exhausting but fun week of Halloween and we still have three huge bowls of candy hiding in our house that we will happily share! 

until next time,