Tuesday, February 18, 2014

here and there

As a new year starts we take off at full speed. January through April is always very busy for us, packed full of ministry and traveling. In January we spent half a week in Lubbock at the Sunset Vision Workshop. It wears us out but it fills us up! Always so uplifting to spend your days listening to messages from Gods word and visiting with friends in ministry! 

The end of January Jeremy and I were able to get out for an overnight backpacking trip, part of his birthday celebration. It was short and fast, but escaping the clatter and busyness of life to be immersed in nature and spend time with just one another is so refreshing for both of us. And the weather was PERFECT! We had a great trip, except somebody forgot to put the fuel in his or her pack.... so we did miss out on a hot meal. Thankfully we had plenty of cold food and we ate to our fill. We both love backpacking and hiking so we always feel rejuvenated and refueled when we can get out if even for just a night. 

This February has been fast and furious as well. It feels like we have been all over the place but in reality we have just been getting out every day that the weather allows for it! The 70-80 degree February weather is OK in my book! We took the kids to the park last weekend to fly kites and Jeremy took a football to toss around. In all the fun, Jeremy hiked the football and his wedding ring went with it, we never found it..... so Jeremy got a new wedding band for Valentines day!

This Thursday we will be traveling to see my family near Dallas for a long weekend. We are looking forward to spending a couple days relaxing with family and hanging around the metro-plex! 

In March we will be driving to Tulsa, Oklahoma for another workshop. We love going every year to hear encouraging and challenging messages and to catch up with friends from all over the country. I went to this workshop for the first time 10 years ago, that is where Jeremy and I met again and began our relationship. There's a bit of sentiment for us too. Also! Jeremy was asked several months ago if he would like to teach a class at the workshop dealing with the topic he is researching for his Thesis right now. I am so excited for him! 

In April we will be hauling a group of teenagers to Dallas for LTC. This is our third year to take them and we are so excited! Between now and then our time will be filled with making props for the drama, practicing puppets and studying the life of Moses for bible bowl! Our group of kids always do such a great job and we all have such a great time!

So summer will be here before we know it. Then its time to gear up for summer camps, late night devos and all sorts of other fun in the hot hot sun! Cannot wait! 

Hope everyone out there is doing well! If you don't see me back until spring you know where I am! 

until next time,

PS - sorry for the lack of pictures! Ill get some out there soon...or as soon as I get them uploaded!