Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Our week

playing with: baby toys! Not just Layton. The big kids have been doing most of their playing in his room with his toys. (And in his bed!) I don't know, I guess it's something new for them but I dig it because we aren't scattered across the whole house - we're all in there together. 

listening to: My playlist these days includes veggie tales and yo Gabba Gabba - I have a veggie tales song from Noah's Arc stuck in my head now :) 

reading: Aside from their day to day books we have started working our way through their Jesus Calling Bible Storybook again. We've read through the entire thing with them a couple times now, but we've started reading a story and doing something that ties to it during the day - we made a giant rice crispy snake with jelly bean eyes the other day for one. Yum :)

eating: warm weather really kills my cooking joy. Just not into it. Let's just eat sandwiches and grill and play outside!

ups: potty training success! (Mostly) Jackson has said goodbye to diapers (woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!) last week it was raining just about non stop, so I decided if we were stuck inside that would be the perfect challenge for the week! I told him we were going to have a peepee party and eat jelly beans and wear underpants - he was totally into it! I'm so proud of the little guy, for a kid who doesn't like change and has a strong gag reflex he has been a star through it! We spent the whole day out on Monday and he didn't have a single accident. The boy is getting lots of high5's and mom and dad are rejoicing at our diaper bill being cut in half!

Downs: Jackson has an awesome imagination. It's rediculous the stuff that kid can come up with - but at night it can turn ugly. This week it has been a parrot in his room that wants to eat his hand. Poor guy! He can't turn his little imagination off at night and it scares him into our bed almost every night. I feel for him because he gets so scared. And that also means there are 4 of us squished in our bed every night.... And then bear joins us in the morning. It's quite a laugh actually. 

Mimi sent rain boots for the kids, so we decided to test them out! They had so much fun playing in the puddles and filled their boots up with water from all the splashing. 

Our life doesn't ever settle down too much, but I feel like we are settling in!

Until next time,

Monday, April 20, 2015


It has been fun to be in a completely unfamiliar area and get to explore and go on adventures as we try to familiarize ourselves with our new home! 

We've ventured out and had fun doing a lot of different neat things. Today we took a car ferry to Fort Morgan.

Just the drive to the ferry was fun for us. We have spent our whole lives landlocked in the Midwestern plains - so driving alongside giant bodies of water and over bridges is so exciting! Haha!

We drove our car onto the ferry and then rode to Fort Morgan. Once there we went to explore the old military fort. It was all so neat! History was never my favorite subject, but when it is brought to life for me like that I am fascinated by it! 

We hung out on the beach for a little bit and there were jellyfish EVERYWHERE! 
I've never seen a jellyfish on the beach before... Does it hurt really bad when your stung by one?!! 

We stopped on the way home and had some ice cream and all 3 kids fell asleep on our drive back. It was an awesome day.

We still ask ourselves "we live here?!" It feels both like we just got here and like we've been here forever. And we love it. We are all so happy to be here and excited that this is our home! 

Until next time,