Friday, July 29, 2011

catch up: the zoo

We love the zoo! This summer we've been able to go to the Abilene zoo twice, the first time it was surprisingly rainy and cold and the second time was scorching hot; but both times were super fun!

Jeremy and I were always that young couple that went to the zoo by ourselves while everyone else was there with their was always me and the toddlers trying to squeeze our way to the fence so we could give the giraffe a cracker. Well I have a great excuse now! Thank you Rylee. I am no longer that strange lady who gets excited about the giraffes giant black tongue, but rather an enthusiastic mother sharing with her child the wonders of nature. Did I say that we love zoos?!

We can't wait for our next trip to the zoo!

until next time,

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

cute reminder.

Watch this please.

Thanks to Katelyn for posting this on facebook!

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catch up: 4th of July

We had so much fun this 4th of July! We spent the night in Lubbock the night before so that we would be able to get to the parade on time the next morning. We always have just as much fun staying in a hotel as we do doing whatever it is were doing.

We had fun with Rylee at the parade, she sat on Jeremy's shoulder as long as they could both handle it, and watched all the fun floats go by...then she fell asleep. After the parade we walked around Broadway and ate lots of delicious food and listened to some great music. Then we did a little bit of shopping and headed to the little water park. It was such a fun day!

It was a great first 4th of July! Happy Belated Independence Day!

until next time,

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

what a year.

July 2010

August 2010

September 2010

October 2010

November 2010

December 2010

January 2011

February 2010

March 2011

April 2011 

May 2011 

June 2011 

 July 2011

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Circus time!!!

For anyone who has peeked at my pinterest lately you know that there was a circus themed birthday party in the works. We celebrated Rylee's first birthday last Saturday with a fun backyard circus! It was great, but I think I'll let the pictures speak for themselves (so I have an excuse to post more)! Brandi Marshall was the eye behind the camera at Ry's party, and we are so glad! She's the best & never fails to amaze us with her work.

Sweet birthday girl, in her precious birthday dress!

Cake time!... Egg free of course.


 Fun in the photo booth!

Opening presents


Pony rides

& circus games!

We all had such a great time, and we are very thankful that so many people who love our sweet Rylee came to celebrate her birthday with us! Thank you! After her party it started to really set in that we are parents to a one year old! This past year has been the most challenging and sleep depriving of my life, but by far it has been the absolute best. We love our sweet Rylee and are looking forward to another exciting and joy filled year with our precious not-so-little-anymore girl!

until next time,


This summer has been hot, hot, hot, and dry, dry, dry. So, we have been spending a lot of time in Rylee's little pool. She loves to get into the water to splash and play! She's so fun!

We love our little fishy.

until next time,

PS: birthday party photos to come very very soon!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

dum dum dum dum

I love weddings. A lot. This Friday a dear, dear family friend got married this weekend, and we not only had the privilege of being invited but Jeremy was also asked to perform the ceremony. What an honor. The wedding was beautiful and all three of us had a perfect time getting to help and participate in the wedding day preparations! We are so excited for the new couple, their new commitment to one another and allowing Christ to be the head of this new marriage.

It's always fun to get dressed up too...

Yay for weddings!!!

until next time,

catching up: Easter.

I was so bummed that my computer went kapoot right before Easter because I was so excited to post all of the adorable Rylee's first Easter pictures!

To sum up, Easter was great - we got all dressed up, dug through our (yes, plural: our) Easter baskets, and ate lots and lots of yummy pot roast. Rylee got all sorts of fun toys and pretty bows in her baskets, and then she got all sorts of compliments on her Easter dress! Baby's first Easter was quite a success.

Happy Belated Easter!

until next time,

PS: more catch up posts to come :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Well, nearly 4 months later I am back. Navigating my way through a new computer. You see, way back when my old (by that I mean 9 months...) computer one day went to sleep and he never woke back up. I thought a quick trip to the doctor (aka geek squad) would do the trick, to no avail, he was lost. So after several "Did I pray for patience?"  months I am again in front of a computer! Hooray!

No computer may have actually been a blessing amidst the crazy bussiness that has taken over our lives...and our beyond messy home.

I want to share with you some of the fun things we have been up to, and get you all caught up on everything Sigle. Stay stuned to catch up!

until next time,