Monday, July 25, 2011

Circus time!!!

For anyone who has peeked at my pinterest lately you know that there was a circus themed birthday party in the works. We celebrated Rylee's first birthday last Saturday with a fun backyard circus! It was great, but I think I'll let the pictures speak for themselves (so I have an excuse to post more)! Brandi Marshall was the eye behind the camera at Ry's party, and we are so glad! She's the best & never fails to amaze us with her work.

Sweet birthday girl, in her precious birthday dress!

Cake time!... Egg free of course.


 Fun in the photo booth!

Opening presents


Pony rides

& circus games!

We all had such a great time, and we are very thankful that so many people who love our sweet Rylee came to celebrate her birthday with us! Thank you! After her party it started to really set in that we are parents to a one year old! This past year has been the most challenging and sleep depriving of my life, but by far it has been the absolute best. We love our sweet Rylee and are looking forward to another exciting and joy filled year with our precious not-so-little-anymore girl!

until next time,

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