Sunday, October 23, 2016

still here!

Well life got really crazy busy right after I published that last post...on Ry's first day of school! Of course! I knew our lives were going to take off in a fast way once the kids were in school... but it seriously didn't click with me that as soon as our oldest was in school that was it! I've felt guilty a lot of times over the last year about that, there are a lot of little things we've had to let go of since school started: The fact that the boys (mom) don't get to enjoy waking up when they want to every day because we can't be late getting sister to school, no more get-away-trips in the middle of the week, strict bedtimes all around. interrupted naps because we can't be late to pick up sister, and a bunch of other "little" things that I forgot to really relish and enjoy.

On top of Ry starting school I also started coaching. I am at the same school as Rylee working as the head cross country coach as well as assisting with track. I really enjoy getting to be out there working with runners, but again, we've had to say goodbye to a lot with the time that I spend coaching and traveling to meets.

We love the school and have really enjoyed our last year! But it definitely has pushed our lives into a faster gear.

I hate that I've neglected to keep the blog updated because 1) I know so many friends and family far away like to keep up with what our family is doing (or how cute our kids are getting!) and 2) I like to look back over the blog like a scrapbook (Now we have a missing year!)

No promises, but I'll be doing my best to post more regular updates (cross country season is almost over ;)) as well as trying to back-track a few of our fun outings etc.

Here's to more hours in a day! Thanks for sticking around!

until next time,