Friday, December 24, 2010

I think I found it!

I'm not the biggest on sentiment really...that's Jeremy's job in our house, and he can handle it for both of us. However, I remember every Christmas morning my mom had this awesome yummy blueberry baked breakfast for us - she would prepare it on Christmas eve, and then pop it in the oven while her and dad were getting their coffee and me and my sisters were bursting at the seems to start tearing into our presents...after we had all eaten months worth of stocking chocolate and were swimming in pieces of wrapping paper that yummy blueberry breakfast was ready to come out of the oven. I don't remember the meal too vividly but I do remember that we would all sit together and talk and laugh while eating our Christmas breakfast. I can't say that breakfast was ever my favorite part of the day but, sitting around the table with our family is imprinted in my mind as one of the best parts of our Christmas'.

After mom died all of her recipes and cookbooks seemed to disappear...someone out there knew they were getting gold. I have thought about that breakfast every single Christmas since she's been gone...isn't it funny how something so special can mean so little until its gone?

Since mom baking breakfast was never too much of a concern for me on Christmas I never paid much attention to the ingredients involved, so I have been at a loss for finding this amazing recipe anywhere...until now. After talking to my sister we were able to piece together several of the main ingredients & and with some creative search bar wording I think I have found it! Or at least something will never be her recipe.

With Rylee we are really focused on trying to emphasize the good parts of Christmas...rather than the highlight beings piles of presents and mountains of tissue and gift wrap we want to make sure she understands the gift of sharing and giving and enjoys her time with the people around her.  This year Rylee was so sweet and picked a boy who was probably not going to get anything for Christmas. So we took her shopping and she got him a new outfit and some other fun things. We hope to make this a yearly tradition.

I am planning an attempt to make moms Christmas breakfast this year...I don't think it will ever be as good as hers, that's impossible, but that's not really my intent either. Hope you have a Happy Christmas! Here's to cherishing everything & everyone!  

until next time,

Thursday, December 16, 2010

oh Christmas tree you look so yummy

This Christmas is super duper special for us because it is our first with Rylee. We have all sorts of great Christmas decor, ornaments, and lights that we have been so excited to get out (thanks to a husband who worked at Michaels for the last 3 years discount!) All of that great Christmas fun is all locked away in a storage unit in Lubbock - our tree, our stockings, everything.

Rather than creating time to make a trip to get all of our decorations we decided to do without - or rather do with what we have. A friend let us borrow a small pre-lit Christmas tree, and we made all of the ornaments to go on it.

We made sugar cookie ornaments, melted candy canes into the shape of cookie cutters, and made strings of popcorn and cheerios.

Our tree looks good enough to eat...and you could if you wanted to! So excited for our first family Christmas!

until next time,

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

5 months old!

Rylee turned 5 months old on Sunday! And today was her doctors appointment. The first part of the doctor visits are the best because we get to brag about how smart she is, how healthy she is, and how much she is growing (which is A LOT!)

Rylee Stats:
  1. weight: 17 lbs. 90th percentile
  2. height: 27 1/4 inches. above 97th percentile
  3. head circumference: 17 inches.- 75th percentile
the last part of the appointment is the worst - shots. She had to get two big shots today, she's a tough little cookie but there were still too many tears for me. Nothing too bad that cuddling and a nap won't fix...for me and her.

monthly comparison

all dressed up fer her birthday

until next time,

Saturday, December 11, 2010

dinner time

We have started the adventure of introducing Rylee to solid foods. For the last month or so we have been slowly introducing mushy avocado and mushy banana...yum! I am planning on making all of Rylee's food for her, I have all sorts of fun mushy food recipes I am excited to try out! For now we are still practicing the art of swallowing.

It has been so much fun to start really including Rylee in our family dinner time. Family time is the best.

until next time,

Friday, December 10, 2010


We found Rylee's ticklish spot!

hehe. the end of the video is Jer sayin' "uh oh, uh oh" .... we had left food cooking on the stove. Rylee is way more fun to play with than cooking(or burning) dinner.

until next time,

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Family Photos

Well she did it again! Brandi Marshall is one fabulous lady, and one amazing photographer if I haven't said it before - she photographed our maternity pictures, Rylee's newborn shots, some of Jer's artwork, and most recently did some family photos for us.

We always have such a great time with her and her family when we take pictures, this time was no exception. It was a wonderfully warm fall evening and because Brandi also just had a new baby we were able to take feeding breaks to keep everyone happy!

As always she did a wonderful job capturing some great moments for us!

until next time,

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

our little fishy

We spent Thanksgiving with my family in Gainesville. It was wonderful to spend the day eating way too much & visiting with everyone.

While we were there we took Rylee swimming at the pool in our hotel - we were unsure of how well she would like it, but our hopes were high because bath time is her favorite. Jer got into the pool with Ry while I stayed on the sidelines and snapped a bazillion photos of her first time swimming. The water was super warm & we were the only ones there.

She loved being in the water! It was fun to splash around with her and let her show off her super cute swim suit. Love our little fishy.

until next time,