Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Easter!

Our Easter weekend we spent in Dallas at the LTC conference with our youth group. Even though our weekend is full of traveling and running from event to event at the conference Jeremy and I still try very hard to give Rylee and Jackson a fun weekend.

It is hard to tell by their facial expressions that they did actually have a fun weekend. I don't think I have a single picture of them both smiling... Just keeping it real. They really did have a great time though. Rylee would have been pleased if riding in the big van with all the big kids was the extent to the trip. We also met up with Mimi and Papa while we were there and they spent Saturday playing with them in the big hotel... which mom and dad enjoyed very much too :)

Easter morning the kids opened their Easter baskets on our hotel bed, we all got ready for church and then had breakfast in our room with the youth group. For church we worshiped together with hundreds of other people in the hotels beautiful ballroom as different selected youth lead us in singing and shared their speeches with us. It is such an encouragement to see young people (the youngest was a third grader) utilizing their talents for the Kingdom. 

After church we snapped a quick group photo, recruited all the boys to load up our van and took a few family pictures. We hid eggs in the hotels beautiful park and Rylee and Jackson got to work!

We had a great weekend and a fun trip home, even in the 2 hours we sat still in construction traffic on the interstate. Man, our kids are really awesome. They didn't cry, whine or complain the whole trip home... perhaps a youth group in the car is the key to traveling with toddlers? ... or is it the awesome parenting? ... I think its just our kids, they totally rock!

Last quarter I taught Rylee's class at Sunday School and we spent our time talking about the Good News! The kids learned about Jesus and what the Gospel is, and the end is the most exciting part! He died on the cross for our sins, but He rose from the dead! It is so exciting to be able to start making those connections with her and showing her that there is a much bigger reason than candy and pretty outfits to be excited about Easter! 

It was a Happy Easter for us! 

until next time,

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

surprise surprise!

By now you have probably heard our exciting news! I am pregnant and due in August! I cannot believe how far along I am already... and that we've (I've) waited so long to share our news with our friends on the world wide web! 

I am feeling better this pregnancy than I did with my previous two. I had some pretty ugly morning sickness for about a month, which is completely normal for me, aside from how short lived it was. With the first two I was sick nearly the entire pregnancy. And, a big plus, I have energy! Probably because I don't have much of a choice chasing around two, but I am thankful for it either way!

Rylee and Jackson are both so excited to be adding another brother or sister to our family. Rylee has been persistent about wanting a sister... she already has a brother, so a girl it must be :) Jackson does not grasp what's going on, except that there is a baby in mommy's tummy... but even that is hard to get, because he thinks he has one in his tummy too, haha! 

Thank you for all of the love you have shown to us, and for celebrating with us! We are as excited as ever for this beautiful blessing from God! Looking forward to sharing more of this journey with you all.

until next time,

Saturday, April 12, 2014


We made it through winter with barely a runny nose and just as I was giving my self a mommy high five I turned around just in time to see our first victim getting sick on her dinner plate.

Ry and Jackson got a hold of the stomach bug and it held on tight here for 3 days... the same 3 days that Jeremy was gone to the mountains for a backpacking trip with a buddy. We all made it through until daddy got home and shared his cold with us and then fell victim himself to the stomach bug.

Just as everyone seemed to be on the mend (for an entire day!) Jackson started running fever and after taking him into the DR we found out he has strep. Kicking us while we're down. Jeremy was not far behind, just today he went into a clinic not feeling well and found out he has strep and a sinus infection.

Mom is a little worn out. I love spring time so this is just torturous for everyone to be out of sorts around here. The swing set and playhouse are just calling to be played with!

Rylee is doing great, back to her old self now. Jackson is starting to come around and act a little more Jackson today, hopefully tomorrow he'll be back to himself.  Jeremy feels worse today than he has all week.

I'm so thankful for the incredible mom genes that seem to keep you immune from everything while you live in a germ-y house full of 3 other sick people. But I'm SO so ready for everyone to be back to their normal healthy active selves!

We are set to leave for LTC this weekend. Praying we get healthy and stay healthy through our little trip!

Until next time,

Sunday, March 2, 2014

family weekend

Last weekend we took a long weekend to visit my family near Dallas. It was an exhaustingly great weekend! We stayed in Denton with my dad and got to visit my Grandma in Gainesville and spend some time playing in the city too!

The kids had a great time getting to hang out with their crazy papa mike. 

We had pancakes and farm fresh eggs for breakfast! Rylee was in charge of pancakes! Delicious. 

Rylee was ready to get back in the shop and get some work done 

 They worked on building an "Airplane Car"

I did take the rope off of him, but I had to get a picture of that face first!

Airplane car in action

We had such a great time and can't wait to get back! 

until next time,

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

here and there

As a new year starts we take off at full speed. January through April is always very busy for us, packed full of ministry and traveling. In January we spent half a week in Lubbock at the Sunset Vision Workshop. It wears us out but it fills us up! Always so uplifting to spend your days listening to messages from Gods word and visiting with friends in ministry! 

The end of January Jeremy and I were able to get out for an overnight backpacking trip, part of his birthday celebration. It was short and fast, but escaping the clatter and busyness of life to be immersed in nature and spend time with just one another is so refreshing for both of us. And the weather was PERFECT! We had a great trip, except somebody forgot to put the fuel in his or her pack.... so we did miss out on a hot meal. Thankfully we had plenty of cold food and we ate to our fill. We both love backpacking and hiking so we always feel rejuvenated and refueled when we can get out if even for just a night. 

This February has been fast and furious as well. It feels like we have been all over the place but in reality we have just been getting out every day that the weather allows for it! The 70-80 degree February weather is OK in my book! We took the kids to the park last weekend to fly kites and Jeremy took a football to toss around. In all the fun, Jeremy hiked the football and his wedding ring went with it, we never found it..... so Jeremy got a new wedding band for Valentines day!

This Thursday we will be traveling to see my family near Dallas for a long weekend. We are looking forward to spending a couple days relaxing with family and hanging around the metro-plex! 

In March we will be driving to Tulsa, Oklahoma for another workshop. We love going every year to hear encouraging and challenging messages and to catch up with friends from all over the country. I went to this workshop for the first time 10 years ago, that is where Jeremy and I met again and began our relationship. There's a bit of sentiment for us too. Also! Jeremy was asked several months ago if he would like to teach a class at the workshop dealing with the topic he is researching for his Thesis right now. I am so excited for him! 

In April we will be hauling a group of teenagers to Dallas for LTC. This is our third year to take them and we are so excited! Between now and then our time will be filled with making props for the drama, practicing puppets and studying the life of Moses for bible bowl! Our group of kids always do such a great job and we all have such a great time!

So summer will be here before we know it. Then its time to gear up for summer camps, late night devos and all sorts of other fun in the hot hot sun! Cannot wait! 

Hope everyone out there is doing well! If you don't see me back until spring you know where I am! 

until next time,

PS - sorry for the lack of pictures! Ill get some out there soon...or as soon as I get them uploaded!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 outtakes

Scrolling through pictures and there are just some awesome photo's that haven't been shared on here, so here it is, outtakes 2013:

Happy New Year's Eve! See you all in 2014!

until next year,

Friday, December 20, 2013

Polar Express

On Monday night we made a trip to Lubbock to take the kids on the Polar Express. Jackson LOVES trains so it was so much fun to see how excited he was when we drove up! I love the expressions on his face in these pictures!

I love Jackson's excited smile in the picture! 

We asked a kind man sitting across from us to get our picture...this was the best one! 

Hot Cocoa 

I was so surprised at Rylee, she is typically very very shy around new people. But when the elves and Santa came onto the train she came right out of her shell and talked and talked to them! 

Ry has been pretty worried after seeing Santa because she forgot to tell him that she wanted baby doll stuff, she was so excited she said all she told him she wanted was a baby doll. We've reassured her that he's pretty good about knowing what to get little girls for Christmas ;)

Still so shocked at this outgoing little girl giving Santa a big hug!

We all had such a great time! Christmas is soo much more fun when you have kids :)

until next time,

Baltimore and a new cousin!

A few weeks ago we took a trip to Baltimore MD to visit Jeremy's sister, her husband and their brand new sweet baby boy, Rowan. The trip started off great trying to get 2 toddlers and 8 pieces of luggage from car, to shuttle to check in, Thankfully Mimi was with us on the way there so we had an extra set of hands to heard the littles!

The kids did great on the flights except for the part where Jackson got motion sick on our first landing and cried and then threw up his lunch all over me. Aside from smelling like throw up our next flight went great! We finally made it through a long day of traveling and made it to the house!

The next day the kids were elated to be playing at a house with stairs and checking on Baby Rowan.... Jeremy and I got hit with food poisoning (we think...) and were pretty much in bed for 3 days. Again, so thankful for Mimi!

We took a weekend trip to the Appalachians where we went on a scenic train ride. Jackson was thrilled to see and be on the train. On the way back down Jeremy and Josh did a quick hike on a portion of the Appalachian trail, something on Jeremy's to-do list (actually he wants to do a through hike of the entire trail...only takes about 6 months!)

We visited Philadelphia and ate a famous cheese steak, yum. We also went to a children's museum while we were there.

We spent some time near the harbor and in Pennsylvania too. Jeremy and I also ate our very first crab cake, it was one of my favorite experiences from the whole trip - YUM!

I should also mention that I left our camera battery charger at home, and I left my phone on our first flight so it spent our vacation in Seattle - so we got very few pictures.

Jeremy and I did a short hike on the MA and PA trail. It was beautiful! This rock that Jeremy is on is where the rock climbing scene in Failure to Launch was filmed. 

We got there at the very end of the pretty fall colors, but it was still very colorful compared to our green to brown fall leaves here. 

New cousin!

Last night in the city. 

The harbor at sunset

Staying occupied in the airport.

The pictures don't do justice to the great time we had while we were there! We all can't wait to visit again!

until next time,

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Our Halloween

The Monday before Halloween we went to the school to participate in One Great Day of Reading. Everyone dresses up like their favorite book character and classes have people come in and read stories to them all day! I skipped dressing up this year, but Rylee and Jackson didn't. Jackson went as Harold and the Purple crayon, Rylee went as a butterfly from The very Hungry Caterpillar (and I do not have a picture of her in her whole costume. Fail) 

Some of the kids at school actually thought Jackson's name was Harold because Rylee and I kept referring to him as Harold! I read the cutest book (I thought so... kids didn't really agree) It was called Ribbit, its about a pig trying to make friends. We took an actual pot belly pig with us into the school to let the kids see and pet.... They did think that was pretty cool!

For our Trunk-or-Treat on Wednesday I made Rylee and Jackson Mickey and Minnie costumes. Rylee loved hers, Jackson was less than thrilled... especially with his ears.

Rylee designated herself with the job of keeping Jackson's ears on all night at trunk-or-treat. 

In my attempt to get a picture of Jackson (ears on) and Rylee together I told them there was an airplane in the sky (mom lie) It totally distracted the wrong one, but at least he had his ears on.

Picture: Check.

We had an exhausting but fun week of Halloween and we still have three huge bowls of candy hiding in our house that we will happily share! 

until next time,