Tuesday, November 4, 2014

this week

Well I would LOVE to start these again! You know me though, it will probably succumb to a quarterly posting of "our week"... who cares, my blog, my rules, here we go!

playing with: duplo blocks, jenga blocks, wooden blocks, you get the picture. The big kids love building and creating everything with blocks! and this teacher mama loves seeing my babies creating with open ended play!

listening to: we just bought an imagine dragons album and we've had that on repeat around house for the last week.

reading: Jackson loves all his car books, he has his favorites memorized, his newest one Demolition he nearly knows by heart already. Rylee reads everything, but is very particular, when we ask her to pick out a book it takes her forever, but she knows exactly what she wants (or doesn't want really). I started One Thousand Gifts a couple weeks ago and get through about a page a day, maybe. If I sit still to long trying to read, I'm out. My list is long, so I am eager for time in the future when my eyes aren't quite so heavy and I am a bit more rested.

eating: horrible. ugh. our eating habbits have been so ugly the last few weeks. I think its a combination of the busy, the picky, and the no appetite. The kids are all over the place with eating, it creates such a challenge for meal planning and healthy eating. Time to make a plan and clean out the fridge!

ups: sleeping. Layton sleeps great through the night, from 7-7 he only wakes up twice to eat. The big kids are in a great grove for bedtime too, they are typically in bed by 7 and asleep by 7:30. Everything else can be a disaster, but a few hours of sleep in a row, bliss. for real. Sleep, I love you.

downs: daytime. Still searching for that sweet spot. I know it will be months before we finally find a happy grove, and then it will all change again, but its so tiring right now trying to tend to the big kids while nursing every 20 minutes and bouncing, burping, or bathing Layton. I feel massive amounts of guilt for hearing myself say "I can't right now I'm feeding Layton" or "Try to play quietly I'm putting Layton to sleep" Ry and Jackson have dealt great with this new transition, I am so very proud of them for their patience and eagerness to help. They are great big brother and sister. I am trying to live joyfully in the messy and remember that though those moments can be soo very stressful, they will be soo very missed.

funnies: Some of the things Rylee and Jackson are saying are totally cracking us up lately... that's one of them! Jackson started saying "You crack me up!" at anything he thinks is funny, haha! Rylee has started repeating the phrase "Oh, sorry about that!" whenever she make the slightest offense, like bumping into you. SO. CUTE! The way her 4 year old self says such grown up words and phrases is hilariously cute. Another one is "To tell you the truth..." and Jackson uses "Well, actually" before everything.

The weeks seem to speed by faster and faster with each one. A few pictures below from our trip to the Monohans Sand Hills!

until next time,
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