Thursday, June 18, 2015

monster trucks and a splash pad

Despite my pleading and bribing, Jackson decided to turn three on Saturday. Three! Its a mix of feeling like he's been three for years, and thinking, He's already three?! 

We had so much fun celebrating the little guy on Saturday! The kids had a great time splashing in the water, eating cake, and squirting adults with water toys (the last one wasn't exactly fun for everyone!)

Birthdays are so fun and so special, we are incredibly grateful for all of our new friends that came to play and celebrate with us! We were all excited to have Mimi and Papa with us for the weekend too, we miss having them close, but we're glad they made the long trip to celebrate with us! 

Jackson Dean,

You are something special. Equal parts sweet and silly, devious and thoughtful. You are an awesome brother, little and big. You are bright, witty and charming. You keep us running and surpise us everyday with a new way to make us all laugh. Kid, you're going to rock 3! We love you. 

Until next time,