Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Goodbye October

Can't believe it is already November. There is a whole lot of October that I have left you all out of and I am sorry! I'll be realistic here, instead of telling you that I'm going to back track and give you a post for each of the fun and exciting adventures in our life last month, I'm going to give you a condensed version in pictures.

Objections? ... OK, here goes!

 To start we made a trip to Stephenville, TX to attend a dear friends wedding. It was beautiful!

Then we headed over to Gainesville to see my family. I love this picture.  

The next leg of our trip we headed to Branson, MO. We visited the Talking Caves. Completely fascinating, but Rylee was mad that I wouldn't let her walk up each of the 100 and some stairs. Ever heard a screaming baby in an echoey cave?!

Noah the Musical! Awesome! We are so glad that we had the opportunity to experience this. It was beyond amazing. We are hoping that we have opportunities in the future to visit the Sight & Sound Theatre again.

On our way back home, we stopped in Oklahoma City, OK. We wandered around Bricktown & Rylee fed the ducks the rest of her cereal while we were on the river walk.

Spaghetti Warehouse.

This year Rylee was a cute little lady bug. I made her costume out of tulle. She was totally freaked out to put on the big poof of tulle, but once we got it on her she was happy as a bug. (ha!)

We organized a trunk or treat this year. Jeremy and I each decorated our own cars...which turned into bit of a friendly competition. His car was a fire breathing dragon & he was a knight in shinning armor.

My car was a beach theme, complete with fish, a crab on the beach, and a trunk of pirates treasure. I was a pirate, and also the winner of the competion...(my prize 100 grand! the candy, not the money, hehe!)

Rylee went to each of the trunks and filled her bucket too full for her to carry on her own. If there would've been a prize, she would've definitely won cutest kid.

With that, Hello November! I will make an end of year resolution to get back into my blogging groove. Hope Fall has treated you all well! I will be posting soon!

until next time,