Sunday, February 22, 2015

Some news...

Have I mentioned our news?...

We have decided to move on in our ministry and will be moving to Mobile Alabama in March! Jeremy will be preaching for a wonderful congregation there starting mid March and we are preparing for the heartbreaking goodbyes here in Tarzan.

We are thrilled, anxious, excited, and hopeful for this new ministry opportunity! We are looking forward to so much about it all... But, with the anticipation of the new comes trepidation about saying goodbye to our family in Tarzan. 

I've tried a dozen times to filter my feelings about it all into words, and I just can't. I think the challenge I'm having with it all is trying to find words worthy enough to describe how amazing this place and these people have been to Jeremy and I, and our family for the past 8 years (8 years! Has it been that long?) the people here that make up this body of Christ are our family. They are our moms, dads, brothers, sisters, grandmas, grandpas, (and maybe a crazy aunt or uncle too ;) They have grown us. Taught us. Challenged us. Counceled us. Encouraged us. Welcomed us. And now, with tears in their eyes they are embracing this new transition with us and pushing us out of the nest, reminding us that they will love us from afar, and that this will always be home.

Looking back, I am so thankful that one Sunday we took a trip to a tiny little country church 100 miles away. My life is forever blessed because of it. 

Please pray for us as we make this exciting transition! Thank you all for your loving encouragement and support. 

Until next time,

Chicks and ducks

This weekend we went over to some of our most favorite peoples home to see and play with their baby chicks and ducks!

We had the best time playing with the fuzzy little guys and watching how excited Ry and Jackson were to be there.

We had the best time! I don't think the chicks and ducks felt the same ;) 

Until next time,