Friday, June 20, 2014

cupcakes, waterparks and a happy birthday

For Jackson's birthday we asked him what he wanted to do and after a list of several things Jeremy said Water Park and he said "Nes!" (I never/rarely correct the kids on the cute ways the pronounce certain words, its sad for me once they finally start saying them correctly! Rylee said "Ok" for "Off" and "Moonie" for "Movie" I miss hearing those sweet words now...)

So it was decided, we would go to a water park for his birthday! Jeremy (the master of google searches.) found a great kid friendly water park in Dallas and we booked the boy his party. 

We are so thankful our whole family was able to come to celebrate his day! We always have so much fun on those rare occasions when we can get both sets of parents together in one place at the same time. I know our kids especially enjoy those moments! This mama also got to enjoy spending the day with her best mama friend, and her 3 sweet kiddos! 

The water park was perfect. It seriously was the most kid friendly water park I've ever been to, and there was still plenty for the big kids (aka the dads...) to do.

We ate lunch, opened presents - Jackson opened one thing, and it was a car, so he didn't need to open anything else, he just wanted his car to play with. So he got to drive his new car on the bushes and Rylee opened the rest of his gifts and told him everything he got, everyone wins! 

We sang happy birthday and Jackson blew out the candle sitting on top of his sad little melted cake, haha, always take a picture before. The cupcakes kept their shape at least.

We didn't spend too much time with the cupcakes and gifts, everyone was ready to get back out and play!

Both kids were exhausted. Jackson fell asleep sitting in the wagon on the way back to the car, and Rylee fell asleep in Mimi's arms. I think we all felt the same way.

We all had a great time celebrating our little mans second birthday! We love you little mister.

until next time,

ps: check out the tiny little farmer tan, ha! I love it!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Jackson is 2

Finding it so hard to believe our sweet little guy is now 2! A glimpse of his second year:

Oh this boy. I can't begin to describe what he brings to our family. He is so sweet, so bashful and so much a boy! He also is the chattiest little 2 year old I've ever met! We are so thankful for all that he is. We love you bud.

until next time,

Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

We are pretty lucky to have such awesome men in our lives who have taken on their role as Dad. Jeremy mentioned in his sermon this morning that they have found that children form their first views of God after their view of their father.

I am thankful for their spiritual influence and guidance and above both, their example that has taught and is teaching their children, and grandchildren what it means to be a follower of Christ.

Love you guys.

happy father's day to the best dads around. we love you! 

until next time,

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Tutus and Tap Shoes

Last week Rylee started dance class. She was sincerely thrilled about getting to go to dance class... until we got there. Our sweet and nervous little girl just about changed her mind until she made a new friend. And I still call her our little girl, but man oh man, she acts like such a KID! I cannot believe she will be four in just one month. 

Once she warmed up a bit she took control of the class!  She came out beaming from ear to ear and ready to tell us about everything she learned and all she can now do (After one class!) "Heel, Toe, Heel, Toe..."

So excited to see what our shy little girl is going to gain from this!

until next time,

Thursday, June 5, 2014


We managed to go camping 2 and a half times (The half was just in the back yard ;)) this month despite our crazy calendar, you make time for what you love right? Sleeping in a tent in the mountains is so very good for you me... I've met plenty of crazy people who think its nuts. But for me, it feeds my soul so breathe in mountain air and be completely unplugged.

Ry and Jer putting up our tent

Blueberry pancakes for breakfast!
Jeremy signed up to run a half marathon trail race in Los Alamos, NM so we drove up a couple days before the race to camp and play. We stayed near the Bandelier National Park and spent a day exploring the monument.

I gave Ry one of our small cameras to use and she loved taking pictures of all the cool stuff we saw on our hike. We hiked a little over a mile with both of them, Rylee did the whole thing on foot and Jackson hiked the second half once he was awake from his nap :)


We climbed steps and ladders to check out the cool cliff dwellings, I was so proud of her for going up and down those tall ladders without hesitation (I was pretty nervous, but she did great!)

The day before the race we drove into town to the packet pick-up for Jeremy to check in and get his bib and to get all excited about seeing awesome trail runners like Anton Krupicka (He really is so awesome! A celebrity of trail running!)

I forgot to mention it was very rainy while we were there, the first night there were two huge thunderstorms that came through; thunder and lightning storms seem way more intense when you are in a tent! The kids slept right through it though and we stayed dry. The second night it poured all night long and made for a very cold wake up call at 6 the next morning when we got up to head to the race.

Jeremy did great and had an awesome time. Me and the kids played at the park for the couple hours Jeremy was running and then we waited anxiously to watch him finish! I am so very proud of Jeremy for following through and doing this race, finishing the race and for his renewed mindset on health and running. He just blows me away at his enthusiasm and passion for running and completing these races.

14 miles later! (The race was technically longer than a half, because trails won't accommodate perfectly to our racing distances.) Probably the hardest race he has ever done but definitely the most joyful finish I've ever seen from him!

Doing the things you love with your kids is the coolest thing ever, watching them get excited about the things you get excited about is just awesome. It is so fun to see Ry and Jackson's excitement over the things we love to do.
On the way home (8 hours...) Jackson woke up from his nap and kept asking (and asking, and asking, and asking...) if we were going back to camp. The first few times we told him we were on our way home, but he was not ready to be done camping, so the next 5 million times he asked we just changed the subject or asked what his favorite thing about camping was. It worked for a little bit.
Hoping this summer we find ourselves sleeping in the tent and breathing in the mountain air a lot!
until next time,