Friday, June 20, 2014

cupcakes, waterparks and a happy birthday

For Jackson's birthday we asked him what he wanted to do and after a list of several things Jeremy said Water Park and he said "Nes!" (I never/rarely correct the kids on the cute ways the pronounce certain words, its sad for me once they finally start saying them correctly! Rylee said "Ok" for "Off" and "Moonie" for "Movie" I miss hearing those sweet words now...)

So it was decided, we would go to a water park for his birthday! Jeremy (the master of google searches.) found a great kid friendly water park in Dallas and we booked the boy his party. 

We are so thankful our whole family was able to come to celebrate his day! We always have so much fun on those rare occasions when we can get both sets of parents together in one place at the same time. I know our kids especially enjoy those moments! This mama also got to enjoy spending the day with her best mama friend, and her 3 sweet kiddos! 

The water park was perfect. It seriously was the most kid friendly water park I've ever been to, and there was still plenty for the big kids (aka the dads...) to do.

We ate lunch, opened presents - Jackson opened one thing, and it was a car, so he didn't need to open anything else, he just wanted his car to play with. So he got to drive his new car on the bushes and Rylee opened the rest of his gifts and told him everything he got, everyone wins! 

We sang happy birthday and Jackson blew out the candle sitting on top of his sad little melted cake, haha, always take a picture before. The cupcakes kept their shape at least.

We didn't spend too much time with the cupcakes and gifts, everyone was ready to get back out and play!

Both kids were exhausted. Jackson fell asleep sitting in the wagon on the way back to the car, and Rylee fell asleep in Mimi's arms. I think we all felt the same way.

We all had a great time celebrating our little mans second birthday! We love you little mister.

until next time,

ps: check out the tiny little farmer tan, ha! I love it!
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