Sunday, November 2, 2014

Layton Michael

It seems as if our boys are taking after my tendency to be a bit late. Rylee, like her daddy, was punctual and exactly on time. Jackson, like his awesome mom, decided to take his time and show up a week after his due date.

Layton was due August 29th, and that Friday came and went without any sign of him being ready to introduce himself. The weekend passed by with everyone watching over their shoulder for any sign of me giving a hint I thought the time was near. I didn't. 

We spent Monday in town doing our normal errand running and grocery grabbing. The next day was Rylee's first day of school, she was thrilled, and I was glad I didn't have to figure out how to take a newborn with me into a pre-school to drop her off for her first day. I was determined to drop her off for her first day!

Late Monday night as I was packing lunches and tidying the house before bed, I noticed my back was more uncomfortable than normal. I didn't think anything of it. 

Around 3 that morning I woke up with some really uncomfortable braxton hicks, I willed myself back to sleep but I knew what was coming. 

I woke up again around 5 with things becoming more painful than just uncomfortable. I was very aware that today was the day we would be meeting our baby, but I decided to try to rest and sleep for as long as I could, knowing that things don't typically move along too fast for me, and I wanted to be rested and ready for the workout ahead. 

At 6 I could no longer sleep through the pain. That was fine though, I needed to get up to prepare Rylee's first day of school breakfast! I was absolutely determined that I would be walking Rylee into school that morning... and once I kissed her goodbye then we could just stop at the midwife have this baby and be on our way home. (HA!)

As I was getting all of the first day of school things squared away I was having to stop for each contraction that was getting stronger and stronger. I then decided to wake up Jeremy and let him know what was going on. 

With the contractions getting stronger I decided to take a bath before we left for the midwife. It didn't take long for things to get totally serious. Jeremy came in ready to leave for the midwife, and I was convinced we should just stay home and have the baby, there was no way I was getting in the car for a 30 minute drive...

Jeremy wasn't crazy about the idea of a last minute home birth and definitely not a car birth so he gently encouraged me to get out get dressed and get to town. We eventually did make it to the car, though without my shoes.

We made it to the midwife around 9:30, I was dilated to a 7-8 (Hallelujah!) I spent a little bit of time in the tub and then decided to get onto the bed. Just before I was ready to push Jeremy got a text message saying Rylee had made it to school just fine and was thrilled to be there.... (Definitely no way I was going to walk her in for her first day!)

Having done this before I felt I had so much more control over what I was doing. And after several minutes of pushing, at 10:16 we had our baby, our baby BOY! our BIG baby boy. After holding him and nursing him for those first precious moments we weighed him, measured him and cleaned him up.

We knew he was big, but had no idea he was 9lb 8oz big! He was the our biggest baby, as well as the shortest, only 19.5 inches!

It was an overall great experience. We ate a little bit of lunch and then we were on our way home. We made it back just a few minutes before everyone else got home from getting Ry from school. It was so fun for Rylee, she still talks about going to school and coming home and having a new baby brother! Jackson wasn't too impressed at first, but he warmed up quickly and is now buddies with his little bro.

Our house is loud and messy and chaotic most of the time but we are so thankful for our sweet little Layton who has added so much more joy to our home!

hehe. those little T-Rex arms!  

moments after he was born 

oh this boy. my heart is overflowing. We love you Layton Michael.

until next time,
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