Friday, November 21, 2014

this week

playing with: Our front yard is covered in big crunchy leaves so we've been running in them, throwing them and even bringing armfuls into the house to crunch into millions of pieces all over my floor...(That last one was not mom approved.)

listening to: Trying to hold out on Christmas music for as long as possible! My fingers are dying to click on that Christmas Pandora station!

reading: still working my way through my book. I am adding books to the kids' Christmas list, I could make that there whole list and still not get all the books we want! Those kids love to read. Happy mamma!

eating: We've had the joy of having friends over for dinner this last week. I've missed it so much! Towards the end of my pregnancy and the first couple months with Layton, hosting is not something I like to add to my plate... but I LOVE it. So I am so glad to be up to having people over to share meals with us again.

ups: Family time! November has been a great month for time with family. We love our families and are so thankful to have them near and get to spend time together. We also have had time to play and relax with just the 5 of us.

downs: sick and doctors. I feel like we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on the cruddy yuckies going around. Fall is awesome, but the sick that gets shared around, no thank you. And along those same lines: doctors offices, pharmacies, and insurance hassles. I'll take being sick over calling the insurance company or walking into a pharmacy for a prescription.

funnies: Jackson has started doing the cutest thing with Jeremy and I. If Jeremy and I are hugging or standing close to one another he will run up to us, wrap one arm around each of our legs in a giant hug and say "I love you cuties!" haha! Its the funniest, cutest, most heart melting thing ever and I have no idea where he came up with it. Oh that boy makes us laugh!

A couple weeks ago Jeremy, Layton and I made a day trip to the Guadalupe Mountains to see the beautiful fall colors. It was amazing. We did an easy 7 mile hike enjoying God's amazing creation. It was the perfect way for us to rejuvenate. Of course pictures can never do scenery justice, but here are some from our trip...

until next time,
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