Monday, January 14, 2013

7 month Jackson update

aah! While I was typing the title to this post, I had a bit of a melt down. I cannot believe this little boy is already 7 months old!

Ok, ok. Enough of the mopey mama. Check this kid out:

He now has 4 sharp little teeth. All the better to chew the massive amounts of food he is in-taking! This boy can eat!

He has been officially inducted into the mama's boy club. This mama is soo tired... but it is pretty absolutely awesome that he is so infatuated with me, and wants only me, like is fine with anyone else until I come into view and then won't quit until he gets me...yeah, I love it.

He is also crazy about his big sister. Which melts my heart just the same. She is amazing with him, motherly, fun, and a bit bossy too. He loves to sit near her and play along with whatever she is doing.

He is fascinated with the dogs. He is most intrigued by Bosley. In fact the only time he is in his high chair and not too interested in the spoon of food I'm holding is when Bosley taps by... he leans so far out of his high chair to watch him I'm afraid he's going to flip out.

He prefers standing on 2 legs rather than being on all 4's. He can pull up on different things, but he's not overly interested in figuring out how to crawl anywhere yet.

He loves bath's. If I have the water running for Rylee and he hear's or see's it he starts to bounce and squeel anticipating that he's going to get in.

and he hate's his car seat. (Makes our 30 minute commute to town fun!)

Little Mister, you rock our world!

until next time,

Thursday, January 10, 2013

2012 catch-up & Hello 2013

I can't believe we are already in 2013!

Some highlights from our 2012:
  • Celebrated 5 years of marriage to the best guy ever
  • Celebrated our 5th year of ministry here in Tarzan
  • Welcomed to the world our sweet Jackson Dean
  • Celebrated 2 years gone by too fast of our amazing Rylee
  • Celebrated my Grandma's 90th birthday!
  • Had a few mountain get-away's
  • It was an Olympic year!
We had a lot of ups last year, and it really was a great year, but this year one of our family goals is to focus more on quality. One of our biggest complaints throughout the year is how busy we are. Too often we are so consumed in preparing for the next event we forget that we are not guaranteed another day, so we need to slow down and be present where we are. I fear that we have missed many opportunities to share our faith, to be a helping hand, and to be aware of the needs of those around us because we are so consumed with where we are going next.

Though we do have a lot planned for this coming year we want to become more intentional in each thing we do, not just doing it because its planned, but going about it with enthusiasm and hugging each moment as it happens.

Some goals for 2013:
  • Be present
  • Be less connected to technology
  • Be positive and encouraging
  • Be intentional
and on my personal list, be a better blogger! I really do enjoy this outlet of sharing with you and I want to do it more and do it better (but no promises!)

Because of my neglect at the end of last year, here's a quick recap of our fall and winter:

Back in October we decorated our trunk for Trunk-Or-Treat. We went with a Bronco's theme. I was a little over zealous thinking I could sew Rylee's costume in my procrastinators time frame. It did get done, with just enough time to squeeze her into it before we walked out the door. I also made Jackson's football onesie. Jeremy made the stadium, I made the field (which you can't see) and we sported our very best enthusiasm for our beloved Broncos.

We packed and wrapped a whole bunch of goodies into shoe boxes to send off with Healing Hands International so that they could hand them out to children at Christmas. 

We started Thanksgiving day off by hosting the 1st Annual Burlington Turkey Trot... Jeremy and I came in with the 1st and 2nd place finishes! (I'll let you decide who was 1st... and I'll help by saying I wasn't that far behind him!)

We spent Thanksgiving at Jeremy's parents house with his sister, her husband and a bunch of friends. It was perfect.

After Thanksgiving we loaded the car and drove up to Estes Park to spend a couple days. We made it to the town's Christmas parade, and enjoyed wandering around the stores and shops. Estes Park is one of Jeremy and I's most favorite places and it is just as beautiful in the winter.

We had a great Christmas. We spent Christmas morning at home and then packed up and headed to Gainesville to see my family. We had to pull over and find a room on the way because the roads were so icy. We finally made it safely and enjoyed getting to visit and catch up with family.

Looking forward to all the laughs, hiccups, and joys to come this 2013! 

until next time,