Monday, January 14, 2013

7 month Jackson update

aah! While I was typing the title to this post, I had a bit of a melt down. I cannot believe this little boy is already 7 months old!

Ok, ok. Enough of the mopey mama. Check this kid out:

He now has 4 sharp little teeth. All the better to chew the massive amounts of food he is in-taking! This boy can eat!

He has been officially inducted into the mama's boy club. This mama is soo tired... but it is pretty absolutely awesome that he is so infatuated with me, and wants only me, like is fine with anyone else until I come into view and then won't quit until he gets me...yeah, I love it.

He is also crazy about his big sister. Which melts my heart just the same. She is amazing with him, motherly, fun, and a bit bossy too. He loves to sit near her and play along with whatever she is doing.

He is fascinated with the dogs. He is most intrigued by Bosley. In fact the only time he is in his high chair and not too interested in the spoon of food I'm holding is when Bosley taps by... he leans so far out of his high chair to watch him I'm afraid he's going to flip out.

He prefers standing on 2 legs rather than being on all 4's. He can pull up on different things, but he's not overly interested in figuring out how to crawl anywhere yet.

He loves bath's. If I have the water running for Rylee and he hear's or see's it he starts to bounce and squeel anticipating that he's going to get in.

and he hate's his car seat. (Makes our 30 minute commute to town fun!)

Little Mister, you rock our world!

until next time,
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