Thursday, December 16, 2010

oh Christmas tree you look so yummy

This Christmas is super duper special for us because it is our first with Rylee. We have all sorts of great Christmas decor, ornaments, and lights that we have been so excited to get out (thanks to a husband who worked at Michaels for the last 3 years discount!) All of that great Christmas fun is all locked away in a storage unit in Lubbock - our tree, our stockings, everything.

Rather than creating time to make a trip to get all of our decorations we decided to do without - or rather do with what we have. A friend let us borrow a small pre-lit Christmas tree, and we made all of the ornaments to go on it.

We made sugar cookie ornaments, melted candy canes into the shape of cookie cutters, and made strings of popcorn and cheerios.

Our tree looks good enough to eat...and you could if you wanted to! So excited for our first family Christmas!

until next time,
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