Tuesday, December 14, 2010

5 months old!

Rylee turned 5 months old on Sunday! And today was her doctors appointment. The first part of the doctor visits are the best because we get to brag about how smart she is, how healthy she is, and how much she is growing (which is A LOT!)

Rylee Stats:
  1. weight: 17 lbs. 90th percentile
  2. height: 27 1/4 inches. above 97th percentile
  3. head circumference: 17 inches.- 75th percentile
the last part of the appointment is the worst - shots. She had to get two big shots today, she's a tough little cookie but there were still too many tears for me. Nothing too bad that cuddling and a nap won't fix...for me and her.

monthly comparison

all dressed up fer her birthday

until next time,
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