Friday, March 19, 2010

back to life...back to laundry

It has been a wonderful spring break thus far! I am so thankful for the break and I think it might just have been enough of a break to provide the endurance needed to push through the rest of the semester.

Here are some of my spring break highlights!

trip to Gainesville
sleeping in
making breakfast with Jeremy
trip to the zoo
out to dinner with the G-ma
sleeping in
making dinner for G-ma
Lord of the Dance!
trip to a different zoo
Red Robin!
finding jalapeno jelly
the Bonzai

There were a million things that made this spring break such a delight, those were just a few of my standouts. We are back home now though, and back to trying to accomplish an endless amount of laundry.

Please hurry summer!

Until next time,
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