Thursday, March 25, 2010

Papaya Baby

I have gained a total of 12lbs! Exciting news for our household! The most current fruit sizing of baby is based on a time frame of 4 weeks now, so from 21-24 weeks she is about the size of a papaya! How fun!

I am nearing my 25th week of pregnancy and can hardly believe it. Wowza time is flying by. Those little ones sure do ripen fast. Seems like just yesterday she was just a small little blueberry, a blob of color on the screen, a still hard to believe fact of how blessed we are. But now! She is a rambunxious little papaya jumping around all over the place in there!
Interesting to know, our little papaya's sleep cycle is starting to form - snoozing 12-14 hours a day. A little unsettling for me and the husband: She is most active in the evenings...just as we are settling into bed she is more active than any other time of day. We wonder what this will mean for her (and us!) outside of the womb...

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