Monday, March 1, 2010

Another absence from blogging. Last Sunday I got the unfortunate phone call that my Grandpa had passed away. Jeremy and I spent most of the week in Gainesville TX with the family for the funeral and memorial services.

No death is easy, but this was particularly difficult for me. My Grandpa holds a very special place in my heart. Grandpa was my biggest supporter, protector, and buddy. For me he would pull the world on a string. He built me my very own playhouse and even a Flintstones car. We spent many tractor rides together, and I always helped him mow the lawn with my own bubble making lawn mower.

Grandpa's birthday was on April 1st, which was suiting for him being such a kidder. When I was little he had a birthday party and all sorts of his friends came over. Instead of him visiting with the company he hung out with me the whole time...I only had one April fools joke: "Grandpa! There's ants in your hair!" he laughed and played along every single time I told him that same joke.

When I started college we made a trip out there and in the process got a warning from the GPD for a broken license plate light. The next morning he tried to go to the police station to take care of the ticket he thought I had gotten...he figured out eventually there was no charge, but left the warning to display on their fridge for everyone to see.

One of the most special things Grandpa and I shared was our trips to the donut shop. We did this forever until we couldn't anymore. I was in my booster seat the farthest back I can remember going. He would get a donut and a cup of coffee, I would have donut holes and OJ, and we both would have fun.

So many moments, lessons, and laughs shared with him.
The memories are endless.
I'll love him forever.

Until next time,
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