Thursday, February 18, 2010

baby room!

So excited to get the baby room going! I've got all sorts of ideas flying around my head...and speaking of flying thats the theme i'm falling in love with: Birds!

One of my favorite bible verses and most needed is in Matthew 6:25 -

"Do not worry... Look at the birds"

It seems like in this fast paced, scary world there are so many things for us to worry about in our lives. This verse is such a reminder that I was created by God with reason! With reason much bigger than the worry that I waste too much of my time with. It seems like such a simple concept...

Between Jer and I we bring too much worry into our lives - when one of us sees the other falling into that pit, we remind each other to "Look at the birds" its become a common saying for us.

I want our little girl to grow up in an environment where she can focus on loving and being loved, not with worry. So I want her to be reminded to always Look at the birds!

Here are a few of my favorite baby room finds so far:

All birds found on

Look at the birds :)

Until next time,

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