Tuesday, January 12, 2010

back in motion

Today was the first of the last! I started back to school for my final (Of this portion of my education) semester! It was a whirlwind of dos and don'ts for the teaching world and a big fat dose of excitement! We won't officially start our student teaching until February so the certification prep classes in between are brewing our anticipation!

Also for today we had a Dr's appointment, everything checked out A+ ! We heard our little baby's heartbeat, making this pregnancy thing more and more of a reality! We should (fingers crossed) find out next time if were having a little baby boy or little baby girl, we are so stoked just to know, is it a little Pheobe or little Pheobo? (Any FRIENDS fans?) In any case we are excited either way and ultimately just want the little thing to be happy and healthy.

With that, here's to happy babies!

Until next time,
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