Sunday, January 3, 2010

bad news noodles

I always heard about the infamous "Cravings" of pregnancy but I have yet (I think) to experience them (Aside from the jar of pickles bought the night of the at home test...the husband says it was all in my head, even though I had to open the jar while still in the parking lot of the grocery store, he is usually right though.) Because of the incredible amount of morning sickness that has taken over my life I have found immense difficulty in creating a steady diet that will not find its way up later.

This has been a huge adjustment for me, because if you know me at all, you know I LIKE TO EAT! Being a runner and a continuously active person I have never been a girl to pass on seconds, or thirds or more - I can really put it away.

So anyways for me, while I look forward to the days of endless eating and crazy cravings, for now I stick to the daily search for the one dish that will satisfy and stay down. The dish that sounds good today is on the menu at Noodles & Company. Good news, I have figured out what I want to eat...bad news: No Noodles in Texas. Get with it Texas.

I guess its back to the pickle jar for now.

Until next time!
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