Thursday, January 7, 2010

(f)Fun with (f)Phonics!

Last semester I went through an intense study of phonics in one of my methodology classes, now I can't help but to decode every word I see, or comment on my own vocabulary when I use words(bossy R) that have consonant blends(bl) and digraphs. Phonics is an intensely important aspect of young children's process of learning to read and write so when this educational objective meets design and decor I just fall in love! I am very excited about decorating a baby room so I am always snooping around for inspiration and good finds! Well today during my snooping two of my loves combined! I was reading today's post on the little green notebook and found some fun vintagey stuff - I love the idea for the children's room; incorporating the "Bossy R" phonics rule is so much fun this way, and educational too!

This way cool vintage sign was found on Etsy at SevenBC.

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