Wednesday, October 24, 2012

pumpkin picking

A couple weeks ago we visited the pumpkin patch. It was a very fall-ish day: overcast, drizzly and crisp.  We were so excited, we thought that this was the perfect pumpkin picking forecast and completed the feel of a fun fall outing!
and we were the only ones that felt that way. It was a Friday night and there were only 3 cars in the parking lot, including ours. We talked to the owner (you can do that when you are the only people there buying apple cider...) and he said they typically run a few thousand through on Friday nights. Major score for the Sigle family! We had a private hayride, and no line to wait in. We had a private ride through the pumpkin hollow show, and we had absolutely no help in the corn maze (aside from the boyscout eagle scout who led us through almost effortlessly).


Rylee had a great time going through the maze on Jeremy's shoulders and eating grilled corn, she thought the whole thing was hilarious. Once she was in his arms she fell asleep. Jackson was content hanging out in the ergo pretty much the whole time, and he even got his very own baby sized pumpkin.

Isn't fall the best?!

until next time,
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