Monday, October 22, 2012

our week, (last week)

This week we had a Gospel Meeting at the church every night Sunday through Wednesday. Then our normal bible study on Thursday night… So we’ve had our typical busy week. It has been so wonderful to see our church family every night of the week. Amidst the late nights here's what we've been up to this week:

playing with: dress up clothes, marker board and coloring books. Jackson is playing with (chewing on) anything he can get a grip on
listening to: Matt Costa and still listening to Au Revoir Simone, Rylee calls it the sunshine song and loves to dance to it!
reading: Crazy love, Ephesians, a Lineage of Grace, My Remarkably Sparkly Purse and Look on the Bright Side Minnie Mouse.
eating: we have had the joy of sharing a meal with someone every single day this week, and sometimes more than one. My favorite meal this week was chicken tacos, yum-o!
ups: Getting to spend so much time with our beloved church family, and visiting with great friends of ours that live in Lubbock. It is so encouraging to be surrounded by a body of believers who has a common tie through Christ.
downs: Being pulled in multiple directions. During some times of the day Jackson will be about ready for a nap, tired & fussy, and sometimes at the same time Rylee is wanting to play, to read or just my undivided attention. It’s so challenging for me in those moments to figure out which direction to go, if I just spend 10-15 minutes working to put Jackson to sleep then Rylee is left unhappy (and typically whiny therefor delaying the time it takes to get Jackson to sleep) If I sit down and focus on Rylee then Jackson is left upset, usually crying until I am able to focus my attention back to getting him to sleep.
And too being pulled in multiple directions with giving all of my attention to the babes and working on whatever other responsibilities need attention, this week that was a lot of cooking, cleaning, and hosting. It seems like so many times this week I was in the middle of baking another dessert when Rylee would ask me to “Sit down mama” It fills my heart that she wants me there to sit and play with her, and then when I have to reason with her that I’ve got to do (Fill in the blank) before I can play just deflates all those feel good mama emotions. I am continually reminded that years from now I'm not going to remember the dirty dishes in the sink, the unfolded laundry on the table, or the dessert. I know I will never forget the precious moments I get to spend playing dress up, having tea parties and digging in the mud. Hindsight make things seem so simple.
I’ve always told Jeremy that I'd like him to teach me to juggle, and I guess I am learning just that.
funnies: Rylee has started the “See Mama!” phase.  She’s crazy into creating, coloring, painting, drawing and is always exclaiming “See Mama!” and I love that she is so excited to share her creations with us… or at least most of them. Just this week I was changing Jacksons diaper in his room and Rylee was sitting on her potty chair, or so I thought. I hear “See mama!” and turn to see Rylee standing proudly holding her potty seat full of… one of her creations. At that moment I think I screeched then grabbed her potty seat as quick as I could before she decided to show me what it might look like on the floor. We’ve explained to her several times that the potty needs to stay in the bathroom… but I think this kid can see right through our poker face and knows that we are secretly laughing hysterically on the inside. She has done this several times since… but only once while company was over. Our kids are so cool.

Looking forward to a bit of a less active week to come! Hope your weekend was great!

until next time,
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