Friday, October 5, 2012

our week

We have loved the crisp fall weather around here! We've been taking advantage of the season and doing all sorts of fallish activities. The first week of the month is always a super busy week for us, but we made it through! Here is some of our week for you...

playing with: mimi! the activity bouncer, links, shopping cart, playhouse and sandbox

listening to: lots of mumford and sons, and Au Revoir Simone (I'm crazy about this song!)

reading: Crazy love, Ephesians, a Lineage of Grace, Olivia, & There's a Mouse about the House!

eating: our go to has been chicken sour cream quesadillas, yum!

ups: checking a bunch off of my to-do list thanks to Mimi! Rylee is such a chatter box and talks all the time about "Binlee" coming to visit. I don't know which of us is more excited.  She has nearly mastered her manners, she says please, thank you, bless you and sorry almost always without being reminded.

downs: Little lady has been testing me lately, checking to see just how far she can push. She is also using "Potty" as an excuse to sneak out of situations she doesn't want to be in: Church, serious talks, riding in the shopping cart etc. Its a hard line to balance does she really need to rush to the potty for the 4th time during church services or is she just bored from sitting here? Little Mr. has turned into an early riser... like 4am early. He wakes up in the best mood and just wants to visit and play.... but I have no desire to be up before the sun is up so I am hoping this passes quickly!

funnies: Rylee has learned to give little Mister strawberries on his belly. It makes him laugh and squeel, makes her laugh, and has us all laughing too. Precious.

until next week friends!

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