Thursday, March 1, 2012

slugs & snails & puppy dog tails

We found out last Friday that we are going to have a little BOY! We went to our sonogram appointment at the college in Midland and had a student perform the sonogram. It was a great experience, they were so sweet and excited and really took their time with us. and PS: it was free!

Since finding out we are having a boy I have been on the search for baby boy items, and have it on the front of my mind how we are going to get to decorate a fun boy room!

Today we were talking about the differences between this pregnancy and being pregnant with Rylee. I do not feel as sick this time as I did with Rylee, but I do feel just as tired if not more. With the pregnancies being different its fun to think about the differences there will be in the babies.

26 Weeks pregnant with baby boy

36 Weeks pregnant with Rylee

I have no doubt the time will fly by, and we will be finding out just how similar and different the two are before we know it.

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