Monday, February 20, 2012

our little helper

Ry LOVES to help...she wants to help us do everything. Which is awesome, and also a lot of work. But I'm taking advantage of her excited spirit to help out with the dull chores around the house!

One of the chorse we do together daily is feeding the dogs. Our dog food is in a big container on top of the dryer so one of us will fill the cup for her and she'll carry it over to each of the three dog bowls and dump their food in one at a time.

She is almost always a pretty good shot, and will get all of the food into each bowl...sometimes she's not. On those instinces her tedious, meticulous (mama?) side comes out. She will spend all of her time squatting to pick up each and individual nugget of dog food. Despite my pleeas and efforts of telling her that the dogs will eat it, even if it's not in their bowl. She insists. So the activity for the morning becomes pick up dog food! Good fine motor skill practice right?!

love our sweet little helper.

until next time,

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