Thursday, February 9, 2012


On Sunday we hosted our 2nd Annual Sigle Superbowl Party. It was a hit. Jeremy made his Silly Sigle Superbowl Quiz, and I made a lot of food.

It was so fun having so many good friends over to talk with and watch the big game (to be honest though, I watched very very little of the game) oh, and also ate way too much.

Rylee and her sweet friend Aubrey enjoyed playing together throughout the night and those that didn't care to watch the game had two sweet baby girls to watch instead (way better right?)

Drew was the winner of the Superbowl Quiz and therefor won the prized Foil Cup .... its a big deal.

We are looking forward to next year! Predictions are calling for Broncos vs. Cowboys... but we all know how that game would end...

until next time,
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