Wednesday, February 15, 2012

my valentines

Yesterday was great! There were Valentines waiting on the table in the morning for both girls in the family. Jeremy is always crazy creative about expressing his love when the 14th rolls around.  This year he had the table covered in tiny pieces of paper all with reasons why he loves me on each. It was so sweet. Then throughout the day I was surprised to get dozens of text messages from friends all over the place complimenting me. What an encouraging gift! I loved it!

We had gotten Ry a few Valentines too...

A super cute little apron, because she is such a little helper chef, some flip flops because the girl loves shoes, and a tool box toy set because she loves to help put anything and everything together! (also some chocolate...but she never even opened the box, so I just set it 'asside')

Rylee thought that making our own 'play dough' was the coolest thing ever.  She really enjoyed getting to help use mama's new toy too!

 Making noodles was the best thing ever...until we melted the chocolate. Rylee's new job became cleaning out the chocolate bowl. She was the perfect one for the job!

 The completed chocolate covered strawberries.

The ready to cook homemade ravioli.

 And our very special family prepared Valentines meal.

Valentines day was great. It was so much fun playing in the kitchen with Rylee all day, and creating some great memories while at the same time creating some great food. I am so thankful for my family, and for all of the friends in our life. We have been so blessed with the relationships we have been able to make throughout all of our different ventures. Yesterday was a wonderful reminder of the value I place in each and everyone of those relationships.

It was indeed a happy Valentines Day.

until next time,
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