Tuesday, March 6, 2012


We have worked with Rylee using sign language to communicate since she was too tiny to understnad and now she has a pretty hefty vocabulary of signs that she knows how to to do and how to use. One of the first words we started doing with her was Amen. She caught on to amen pretty quick, and would do the sign every time we ended a prayer... It wasn't until a couple of months ago that she started grasping the actual time for prayer.

It has been so cute to watch her as she grows more curious about what we are doing, and more adamant about making sure we do it! Usually before all of us are to the table to eat, she already has her hands folded and is prompting us to sit down so we can pray! During a meal we will usually pray several times because of her prompting.

Once she started grasping more of the concept and gaining a little more vocabulary Jeremy started having her say her prayers at night, Jeremy will lead her as he says "Say thank you for, mama" and she'll do a combination of signing Thank You as well as repeating each person and thing we are thankful for. Melts my heart!

One of Rylee's favorite places to play is at her kitchen, I was sitting in Ry's room with her folding clothes, cleaning up & putting things away one day while she was busy cooking.  She had made a few different things like lemon pizza, and peas and then I saw her bow her sweet little head, fold her hands and mumble a soft prayer. Inside I was rejoicing! That is exactly the kind of behavior I want Rylee to observe from us and be imitating.

Praying at Mother's Day Out last month

So very thankful for our sweet little girl.

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