Sunday, March 18, 2012


Last weekend we made an extended weekend trip to Ft. Worth then over to Gainesville for Grandma's big 90th birthday bash! (more on that next...)

Being in Ministry we will usually take weekdays rather than weekends to do things, like visit the zoo. Typically this is great for us because we beat the crowd, except this time...we forgot that the whole state of Texas was on spring break this week...and Thursday was the most popular day to visit the zoo.

After parking a couple miles away and making the trek to the entrance of the zoo we were anxious and excited to see some wildlife! Rylee was really just as excited to see the masses of people as she was to see the awesome animals.

Ready to explore!


 Rylee's newest 'cheese' face

 Rylee's monkey face

 Tippy toes

worn out

We were all worn out after fighting the crowd and wandering through the entire zoo... Rylee is much cuter than the rest of us when we're tired though.  We only spent the day in Ft. Worth but we had a great time & hope to make more visits like this one when were a family of 4!

until next time,

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