Thursday, March 3, 2011


Our first road trip with Rylee was a cinch. She was also just 4 weeks old at the time, so she slept almost always. Now is a little bit different and being stuck in the car for twelve hours is not anybodys idea of fun. But once we finally made it to our destination (with one very fussy baby, and one very stressed out momma) we filled our bellies and were all much more pleasant.

It was a learning experience. Next time, we will travel through the night!

Friday and Saturday Jeremy and I got to go skiing, while Rylee got to hang out and be spoiled by the grandparents! Fun for all!

Our to-do lists were a little over ambitious at times...and Rylee made sure to remind us of that. But we all had a blast. Colorado air can really do a person good.

until next time,
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