Wednesday, March 9, 2011

All Better

Sunday was fellowship meal day at church, meaning we all bring something and share in a meal then have a short devotional following then we all head home for a nap!

Rylee was especially fussy all morning through church and then through the meal and even after, I kept telling myself it was her two new top teeth coming in, or she was just exhausted from the days activities - boy was I wrong.

Sunday evening Rylee threw up after nursing, and then again, and again, and again - She kept this up all night (really - all night long) and then through out Monday. She didn't want to nurse, or eat or do anything but sleep on her daddy's chest and be cuddled. So that's what we did (in the time we weren't trying to force pedialite or water down her)

We finally went into the Dr. on Tuesday after 24 hours and no wet diaper.  After weighing her (she had lost 11 oz.) I put a clean diaper on her.  The Dr. came in checked her all out and surprise! Wet Diaper! and another surprise, ear infection!

We started taking every opportunity to get some sort of nourishment into her mouth - a taste of a popcycle, water in her sippy cup, an eye dropper with pedialite... Tuesday night she was starting to look better and even nursed a little before bed. She slept 8 hours through the night and woke up with a smile on her face, something we hadn't seen in 2 days!

Rylee is back on antibiotics for her ear now, and her top two teeth have popped through! She is almost back to her normal aside from her appetite which is still working its way back up. We are so happy to have our happy baby back!!

thankful she is all better.

until next time,
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