Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Big 6!

Rylee is half of a year old! Ridiculous that she is halfway to her first birthday already. Our little 6 month old is pretty spectacular.

On Wednesday nights we cook dinner for the youth group and have them over to eat before Church. We have class in our living room and afterwards everyone comes over for dessert. So for dessert tonight I made strawberry birthday cake - We were planning on singing to Rylee, but she fell asleep. So we ate cake in honor of her birthday without her.

Rylee's new trick.

Our little dare devil!

It is so incredible to watch her play and learn and come into being this awesome little human being with such a wonderful and individual personality. As much as we are relishing each and every moment of having her it is just unbelievable how fast time seems to go...

During the day it seems that I am always anxious and looking forward to her next big accomplishment, and her next big milestone but once nighttime hits and as we stare at her sleeping so peacefully I wish for time to just slow down.

I can only imagine my thoughts 6 months from now. Happy Birthday Rylee Joyce!

until next time
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