Monday, December 12, 2011

let it snow

A few Sunday nights ago we were blessed with a beautiful snow. I loved watching out the window as the huge snow flakes fell from the sky...something I haven't seen in a long time. We woke up to a snow blanketed yard... and a very curious little girl who was anxious to yank our arm out the door!

Finally that afternoon we pulled our ski stuff out of the closet and got all bundled up and headed out into the snow.  Rylee was soo excited.

We sat her in the snow and she was glued there, she didn't want to move. We played and played and played. She wasn't bothered by the cold at all. Not even when I threw some snow at her and it got all over her face! She thought it was funny!

Rylee outlasted us all. We had gotten our pictures and a good dose of wet cold and we were ready to get inside. The same wasn't true of Rylee. We drug her back into the house anyways, then she stood at the front door and just looked out into the snow for the longest time.

We are so so glad to have a happy in the cold, play in the snow kinda kid. and so glad that we got to see snow in our own yard this winter!

Hoping for more winter weather...and perhaps some of it on Christmas?!

until next time,
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