Sunday, December 4, 2011

bag lady

For Halloween Rylee got the cutest little spider purse in the mail from her Auntie Heather. Our lives have not been the same since. Rylee has made the flip from tiny-tot to total girly-girl.

She started with just taking that one purse with her every where she would go, and it was too cute, she'd pull it high up onto her shoulder before she decided to leave her toy box and head off to her next destination of play or mischief.

This process has since progressed. She found her Easter baskets, and them having handles she thought "purse!" so she added two more to her arms, now having 3 "purses" wrapped around her arms everywhere she goes.

The other day I think she met her match.  I pulled a container out of my closet that had a dozen or so of my old purses in it.  She was elated! ... and also a little weighed down. She didn't want just one, she had to have them all on.

Between her love of shoes, her interest in my makeup bag, and her latest bag obsession I think its official, we are the proud parents of one little girly-girl. Let the real fun begin!

until next time,
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