Thursday, December 29, 2011


Growing. Growing. Growing. That's how I have felt the last two weeks. Especially when I try to find something to wear. I didn't buy/borrow/wear anything maternity while I was pregnant with Rylee. I moved up to a Medium in shirts, and made it through wearing dresses and leggings. I do not think I will have the same luck this go around.

On the other plus side: the morning sickness has become manageable (Only in the mornings! hooray!) and ... dare I say it?! I feel like I may have tapped back into an energy source. I did a couple loads of laundry today, and didn't take a nap! 

It has been so fun to give Rylee the 'Big Sister' role. She has a few books about becoming a big sister that we have been wearing out, and she has become even more motherly to her dolls and babies lately. Today when I went to put her into her car seat she shook her head no and tried to have me buckle her baby in instead (I took it as a sweet gesture of concern for her baby, really she was probably trying another tactic to avoid the dreaded car seat)

Counting our blessings!

until next time,
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