Saturday, August 6, 2011


Last Sunday we left from church to head for the beautiful mountains of Colorado. We went on a 4 day camping trip with some friends from church. It was so much fun to get to spend time together without technology or the hustle and bustle of everyday to cause distraction from one another's company. It was also a great reminder of just how awesome our creator is, and that He is in fact our creator! To spend time in fellowship with one another surrounded by the breath taking beauty of God's marvelous creation is so meditative; we all have come back home it seems with a calmer spirit, and a deeper reflection of our true priority in life = to Glorify Him in all that we do.

Rylee did great on the trip. She is quite a little camper! She enjoyed all of our hikes and the time we spent at the lake fishing. She even got to touch every fish we caught! I have a feeling this kid is a Colorado baby at matter what her birth certificate says.

Before leaving for our trip I finally convinced myself to get an Ergo. I've been looking at them forever and this trip gave me a perfect excuse to finally click buy. Rylee loved being in it, and it made all of our hiking and exploring adventures so much easier & therefor more fun!

Rylee is getting an early start in the art of fishing.

Our very first moose sighting of the trip!

Jeremy and I pride ourselves in cooking gourmet campfire meals. Anything you can cook on a stove you can cook on a campfire...and we did. We also are firm believers in delving into unhealthy amounts of junk food while camping....and we did that too. (Rylee got her fair share as well!)

On a rock in the Rocky Mountains. Happiness.

This picture was taken on a cliff overlooking the Larimee river below (waaaaay below). We sat here and had lunch one day, it was the perfect spot to take in all of God's glorious handy work!

While we were there we caught 13 fish, saw 4 moose, 7 deer, 2 beavers, 2 foxes, and had several little campsite chipmunk and woodpecker friends! Wildlife is one of the best parts about camping off in the mountains, and I am so glad Rylee got to see and experience it all.

We really do miss the clear Colorado air. We can not wait to get back!

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