Monday, August 22, 2011

in the kitchen

We spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen, cooking, cleaning, and then doing it all over again... Rylee is usually pretty preoccupied with all the fun cupboards to get into. I'm glad if it can keep her attention, keep her hands busy, and keep her out of anything that isn't safe for her to be in. Pots & pans are high on the list, she also enjoys pulling out each individual napkin from the cupboard to throw onto the floor. 

My newest busy hands activity came from an old box & several boxes of almost but not quite finished cereal (rice crispies, & cheerios). Just like a sand box, only safely edible, and the dogs clean up most of what gets thrown outside of the box. Win!

Rylee loves climbing in and out of the box, playing, and making noise with the cereal...and eating it too. And I love that she is in the same room, she is safe, and she is happy.

Cereal. A great snack...and fun too!

until next time,
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