Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Monday equals success.

Our Monday was crazy busy - but was a total success.

We spent the morning at the district cross country meet. The boys won, and are moving on to regionals.  The girls had two in the top ten so they each get to move on to regionals! Success!

Rylee got a big dose of cross country and did great. She also got to sport her converse high tops that she finally fits into. Success! 

We got Rylee's costume made & took her to the schools fall festival...Played some games, entered some raffles, ate some great food! Success!  

Cutest piggy on the block! Homemade costume constructed by Jeremy. Success! 

The ultimate prize from the schools fall festival raffle! Rylee is technically the winner of the sweet motor scooter...but I plan on putting it to use until she can reach the seat. I see flames, and a matching banana colored helmet in the future! Total success!!

After the schools fall festival we had some of the kids over to watch Monday night football - the Cowboys were playing. The Cowboys lost, but the boys ate all of our food - so I say that equals success!

Mondays aren't so bad after all.

until next time,
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